Our proactive and dynamic services will help you obtain distinctive contemporary art that will enrich your life, deepen your appreciation of art and express your own taste. Our services include sourcing and commissioning artwork as well as promotion and consultation to both private and corporate collectors.

To find out how we can help you please contact us or click on the following links:

Art Consultancy

Myerson Fine Art gives you access to an extensive range of contemporary artists with the added benefit of knowledge, advice and insight. To ensure that you can feel confident throughout the experience we go through a defined but adaptable process including:

  • Understanding your needs, interests and level of service
  • Presenting images of our extensive portfolio of work
  • Arranging private viewings of your favourite pieces at a place and time convenient to you
  • Arranging for professional packaging and transportation
  • Arranging and managing framing and installation (see section below)

Corporate Art Programmes

A Corporate Art Collection can be more than a painting on a wall - it can be used to inspire employees, network with clients and showcase your commitment to social responsibility. Myerson Fine Art has extensive experience in helping corporations to get the most out of their collection including:

  • Advice on art policy and budgets
  • Sourcing and commissioning of work
  • Fun and informative internal communications
  • Sponsored art competitions
  • On-site exhibitions and networking events
  • Web based catalogues
  • Ongoing growth and management of the collection

... or for something completely new and different ask us about Live Art Love Art (LALA) events.


An integral and fundamental aim of Myerson Fine Art is to support and promote all contemporary art. Therefore, should your needs extend beyond our portfolio we will source work by artists we do not represent.


If you wish to commission a site-specific work by a particular artist, then Myerson Fine Art can give you advice on the budget, concept and selection, manage the project and oversee the installation.

Services to Architects and Designers

Myerson Fine Art can manage the end to end process of finding and installing artwork to save you time and add to the valued service you provide clients. Getting us involved at the start of a project will ensure that the art becomes an integral part of the building and compliments your great design


Keep an eye out for our exciting exhibitions by visiting the Exhibitions page of our website.

Framing and installation

Even the most fabulous artwork can be undermined if it is poorly framed, lit or positioned. We can give you advice to ensure that your artwork is placed in the best possible position, and put you in contact with trusted professionals to frame and install your artwork.


Myerson Fine Art, through our association with leading Appraisers of Fine Art, will arrange for the valuation of a collection or simply a single work.


Myerson Fine Art provides a complete cataloguing service of fine art collections, including photographing, documenting each work and setting up a unique website for you. This is more than basic insurance requirements. It is an easy to use system to help manage and showcase your collection.

Selling your artwork

An art collection rarely remains static because your interests change and develop. Myerson Fine Art can assist you in selling an artwork by putting you in contact with our existing clients or finding other potential buyers who may be interested.